About the blog (and me)

About a year ago, I moved to Boston to participate in Emerson College’s graduate program for Publishing & Writing in order to become an editor. I loved books. I had been an editor for my school’s lit mag. I had a couple of editorial internships. I figured I already had what it took to throw myself into the industry, and that the program would make the relocation easier and give me a great network to jump-start my career.

A year later, I can’t help cringing at my naivete.

That’s not to say that the experience hasn’t been incredibly illuminating and instructive. But after surrounding myself with fellow budding editors, producers, marketers, publicists, coders, and writers, all of whom are trying to cram themselves into an insular, competitive industry, I find myself wishing I knew years ago what I knew now about the industry I have chosen. This blog is an ongoing summary of what I wish I had known about publishing and the kind of things you need to know to get a job/internship in this field.

If you are self-aware enough to see yourself in my past self, you’ll find some posts here that will hopefully be helpful. I’ll be covering:

  • How to find publishing internships; prepare for and ace interviews
  • How to prepare for an editorial job, and what kind of publishing jobs are out there.
  • What you should be reading to get a job (read: Publisher’s Weekly)
  • How to network, and why it matters
  • The benefits of a graduate publishing program like Emerson, Columbia, or NYU
  • What current publishing news means to job-seekers (so, mainly talking about Amazon

I’ll also probably be talking about genre books I love and other miscellaneous topics, simply because I’m scatterbrained like that. I hope that my spewing of random information will be as helpful for others as it is cathartic for me. If anyone happens to read my new blog and thinks I’m not just some blowhard, feel free to shoot me a message about a publishing topic you’re interested in and I’ll see if I have anything constructive to say.

Thanks for reading!


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